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newconsumersuk's Journal

Ethical Consumers & UK Directory
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Links/Posts relevant to the UK Only - under heavy construction (setting up directory of ethical shops)

Feel free to join in the meantime!

About the community
I set up this community initially as a web directory for ethical stores, but then thought 'hey, it could be so much more'
Whilst the most ethical thing to do would be NOT to consume I think it is important to encourage people to make more informed choices. I read a post on LJ once about why people choose to ignore the ethics and shop at unethical stores. The results pretty much came down to two things - lack of money, and lack of choice.
With the directory on this community I hope to give people more choice.

This community is UK only I'm afraid - to avoid air miles ;)
You can join if you are outside of the UK, but please keep all posts and comments relevant to the UK (located within the UK, not just available to).

This community is for;

- Posting links to ethical websites - please comment on the appropriate directory post with the link (see below) unless you are also reviewing the website, in which case you can make a seperate post.
- Reviewing ethical stores/products
- Asking where you can find certain ethical goods or whether you can get it cheaper etc.
- You may also show off recent ethical purchases, or ethical products you like etc.

You can post about anything from goods to services, such as; clothing, toys, gifts, financial products, paints, homewares, food etc.

You may NOT post;

- Advertisements to your shops - you may comment on the correct directory page but don't spam the community with your shop.
- Shops/products outside of the UK - even if they are available to the UK but not in the UK.
- Ethical debates - if a debate starts in the comments then that is fair enough (as long as it doesn't break the rules below) but if you want to debate there are plenty of other communities on LJ.
- Non-ethical goods - please make sure everything you post about is either fair traded, organic, sustainable, recycled or at a push second hand/vintage.


- No racism, sexism or elitism.
- Don't force your beliefs onto others.

The Directory

The directory is divided into 3 groups - Online shops, Offline shops & Non-ethical shops with ethical ranges.
Each shop is given a user rating (up to 5 stars), a value guide, and ethical keywords.

#1 - Online Shops
Clothes, Shoes & Fashion Accessories
Electrical Goods/Battery Gadgets
Financial Products
Health & Beauty
Media - Books/CDs/Zines etc.

#2 - Offline Shops
England counties A-M
England counties N-Z

Northern Ireland

#3 - Non-ethical Shops with ethical ranges

As this is a community I encourage you to get involved. Please use the post below to make suggestions, or volunteer to help out.
Suggestions (Available to members only!)

Thank you!

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